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He’d expected a punch, or Derek turning on his heel and stalking out of his office, at least. Stiles and Derek aren’t like that. They talk but they don’t…talk. They focus on the job and keep their non-professional and non-banter-involving interactions to a minimum, except for the rare occasions when Derek walks into his and his Dad’s flat and feels the need to comment on the orderliness of Stiles’ room or their meagre tea collection. But no personal things, not ever.  “I put my job before my sister, and she died, and I might as well have killed her myself.”

Now Stiles just really feels like an asshole. “You saved a lot of people that day,” he replies, although he knows it doesn’t mean anything. He doesn’t need to know Derek to understand that there isn’t a day on which he doesn’t regret the decision he made, regardless of how many innocent lives he’d saved. He knows he’d let them all burn if he’d known that, while he was extracting the information needed to prevent another terrorist attack, Laura had died screaming. And that’s also why Stiles knows Derek is just bullshitting his way through this, how he knows that Derek made that ad hoc decision in Beirut to save Scott’s life, even if it was a stupid ass decision.

There’s the logical, reasonable side of his job, and then there’s the one where his heart comes in. No matter what your supervisors tell you, you can’t detach yourself from all of it. Stiles knows that better than anyone; all his life, he’s seen his father struggle with regulations and legal boundaries when he was still a Sheriff, and then with the weight of trying to save both all his operatives and the world.

with metal on our tongues (we’ll be dressed in rags) by rena

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zayn + 50 cent at iheartradio music festival

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Teen Wolf Au:

Derek has been haunting the Hale house for years before Stiles manges to get himself killed there. He doesn’t want to share his space, especially not with some hyperactive teenage ghost, but the universe has other plans for him.

(It’s maybe not so bad)

"Derek!" Stiles crows happily, like nothing could be better than haunting the same space as him. Derek does not share the sentiment.

"Look, I get that we’re stuck together, but don’t start pestering me with stupid questions. I am not here to be your death guru. I am not your spirit guide"

"Sure sure" Stiles is nodding like he understands, but Derek is not convinced. The silence lasts maybe three seconds before-

"….Hey Derek?"

Derek heaves a deep, unnecessary breath, prays for patience. “What.”

"Can ghosts still get it up?"

Gonna be a long eternity

a shitty ghosts au because halloween and stuffs

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"So, this book you're working on... are you going to write how I wooed you with my looks and dazzling smile?"

"Don't flatter yourself, jackass."

Derek doesn't even laugh at Stiles' dismissal. Instead, he stares at the boy for a long time, not even caring if he's pulling a Creepy Cullen on him. Whatever; that's what he gets for being an adorable jerk.

Stiles shifts, uncomfortable. "What," he barks out.

"I love you", says Derek, because, God help him, he does. And Stiles can say anything, really; he could call him a lame, sorry-ass sap and it'd be okay, because he knows he's stubborn and won't admit a damn thing.

Stiles, however, meets their eyes. "Me too, okay? Me too."

It’s Derek’s senior year at college; he’s majoring in business and has been captain of the basketball team since his very first year, and he thought he had seen it all… until this obnoxious English major douchebag walks in and organizes weird stuff from Quidditch tournaments and World Cups (His team is called “The Alpha Warlocks”, what is wrong with this guy?), to this thing called “cordel literature”, wrapping the campus’ walls and trees with booklets containing poems that aren’t even in English. 

The boy is loud, sarcastic as hell and definitely a whole other level of loser.

Derek falls in love with him, obviously.

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everyone’s having their mid-life crises at like 19

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Hoechlin being adorable at his panel with JR [x]

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"You work to much on that wolf man thing, don’t you think? I think it’s better if you just leave this case."

"I know, Derek. I want to have more time with you too, but if I won’t bring something about this guy, I’ll probably lose my job. After this, I’ll have more time for you, I promise.

Sterek AU: THE AMAZING WOLF MAN [soon on ao3] for the Super Hero Week

Stiles works at the press of the Beacon City newspaper and is the best story writer there. But when suddenly a mysterious wolf guy appears in Beacon City, the whole public throws itself on this “amazing wolf man” and is crazy after him. Stiles finds himself frustrated about his job for the first time because this stupid wolf man will ruin his job when he doesn’t bring something incredible and unique to the readers. He will, Stiles thinks. He’ll get to publish a picture of his face which no one could take yet because every time a security camera tries to make a picture of him, it’s like a huge flash light would blind the camera. Stiles will make it somehow, he just knows. But ugh… Stiles honestly just wants to have time with his boyfriend instead of this wolf man nonsense.

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zayn is hotter than your favourite, even if your favourite is zayn, zayn is hotter than zayn, in the time it takes the light to leave zayn and reach your eyes he has already become hotter,

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Put my son to sleep in his new onesie, woke up to a bear raiding my drawers

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when your whole outfit on point

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