Philadelphia - 8/14


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AU: Ziam gets married 

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You guys …… There’s no “I accidentally took home the wrong baby from the hospital” au for sterek .

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Ok then… What are you?

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my eyes change colour depending on my swag levels. they are the darkest brown when my swag levels are at a maximum. i have never seen them change

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did i allow u to have fun without me

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Make me —A girl that wants yo fine ass (via mrsfscottfitzgerald)

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Sterek Week // Friday: Sterek AU - Supernatural

Stiles Stilinski lost his family at a young age to a supernatural creature. He vowed vengeance on the thing that killed his family and has dedicated his life to hunting down and killing all things supernatural.

Derek Hale is a 3rd generation born werewolf, fully in control and functioning with absolutely no desire to hurt or turn other humans. When his family is trapped in their own home and burned alive, Derek hits the road to try and find something worth living for.

When a chance encounter brings the two together, they are both wary of each other, for obvious reasons. But, they decided to work a few cases together, just to see how it goes. Surprisingly, they work very well together and they spend several years traveling the country and eliminating supernatural threats, all the while, forming a close bond that neither one of them could have anticipated.

Not everything is smooth sailing though. Derek is headstrong and likes to rush into things whereas Stiles likes to research all the possibilities before coming up with a plan of attack. When Derek decides to take on an Alpha werewolf, fully powered by a pack, he’s grievously injured and barely makes it back to Stiles before passing out. Fearing the worst, Stiles says things to Derek, things he never would have been able to say had the werewolf been conscious. But, Derek hears him through his pain addled head and has enough presence of mind to return Stiles’ feelings. 

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tech savvy teen wolves // sterek pt 2 // requested by anonymous
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prompt; fluffy highschool AU

everyone knows that the BH lacrosse team and basket ball team doesn’t get along. stiles says this makes them a dazzling romeo and juliet, derek just wants a happy ending

a (super)belated bday gift for my bb darling xiaopa, a real life angel and an amazing friend ;) thank you for existing boo<333

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i have 3 moods for characters:

  • the ruler of my heart please step on me 
  • precious child must be protected at all costs 
  • complete trash yet ironically my favorite character
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  • clauxx said “All I ask is Sterek and drama

Sterek AU: Derek finally told Stiles how he felt about him and Stiles felt just the same. For a second, everything was perfect. However, because of the lies and a lot of sneaking around (a rogue omega was in town and Derek needed to help his family, alright!), Stiles asked Derek for the truth - something the werewolf couldn’t give to him. Peter - as the little shit he is - just makes everything worse.

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Romeo and Juliet sterek AU were they meet in a party, fall in love and then discover that their families are mortal enemies: vampire vs werewolves. Will their love end this war?

I am working on the video :) 

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