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shelbymmorgan: Everything that @harrystyles has done for us tonight, from getting us floor tickets, to calling my brother out so he could propose to his girlfriend, and helping us get a ride back to our car we couldn’t thank you enough! Truly one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Thank you so much for not only making my night but also my brothers and his new fiances! 💗

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so i applied for my first job today


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a person complaining about puns basically invites every pun enthusiast in the vicinity to come snapping rhythmically from the shadows 


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”you have already seen that band so you don’t need to go to their concert again” no u don’t understand

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The first time the hottest guy Stiles has ever seen in real life comes into the dollar store is to buy sponges and a bucket. He’s wearing a worn leather jacket, made that way by fashion than age no doubt, a three day old beard and a pair of perfectly fitted black jeans that should be illegal. 

Stiles watches him discreetly from the counter as he heads straight for the car wash aisle. The way the guy grabs what he wants with the least amount of browsing Stiles has ever seen and all but throws them on the counter in front of Stiles suggests he’s either had a crap-fest of a day or he’s just a crap-fest of a personality and no amount of cute cat videos on Youtube would turn that frown upside down. 

"Isn’t it kind of late for car wash season? You should go to that garage on Bakers street, save yourself the trouble." When he doesn’t get a reply, Stiles scans the items and tells him, “That’ll be four dollars. Would you like a bag?”

"No," the man replies curtly, his voice not as deep as Stiles imagined. 

"Thank you," Stiles adds with a less than subtle sarcastic tone before he can stop himself. "This stores cheap but manners are free, dude. Just sayin’."

The man leaves with his things, his scowl never faltering. 


The next time the hot rude asshole comes into the store is three weeks later. He’s wearing the same leather jacket but his jeans are lighter. Stiles serves the line of awaiting customers but keeps one eye on the store. The man browses this time and doesn’t look particularly as choosy as he had with his bucket and sponges. 

The line gradually disappears and the leather clad brooder has wandered around the entire shop three times before he comes up to Stiles with 12 packets of ‘It’s a Boy!’ balloons and oven cleaner. 

"Wow, you must be planning one hell of a party," Stiles says with a snort. His gentle prodding elicits the same grumpy response as last time. 

The guy pays for his things, doesn’t want a bag and then leaves for Stiles to serve his next customer. 


Four days later he’s back. Lizzie is working at the register with Stiles today and is about the serve The Guy, when he suddenly leaves the queue and rejoins it at the back after a few moments. He buys half a dozen sugar free packets of butterscotch candy and some horrendously cheap razors and its Stiles’s turn to serve. 

"Hey, how did your sons home coming go?" he asks as he puts the items through. He knows he should stop making small talk with customers, he’s been in trouble for it more than once but Lizzie is an okay friend and he’s pretty sure she won’t snitch on him.

"What?" The Guy’s brow furrows. 

"Your son?" 

"I don’t have a son."

"Okay, then your nephew?"


"Friends kid?" 


"Um…okay. Then whoever had a boy, tell them congratulations." 

The Guy honestly looks at Stiles like he has three heads and he’s completely lost the plot. But hey, he’s not the one buying balloons for some kid he can’t even remember the birth of apparently.

He doesn’t bother asking if he wants a bag, but he charges him for one anyway just out of spite. 

"Next!" he shouts and the guy leaves the store. 


The next day the all too familiar spiked hair and leather jacket appear.

Stiles is sulking because Lizzie did indeed rat him out and now he’s on restock duty for the rest of the week. His arms ache and he’s fairly sure he’s done some damage to his foot from dropping a crate of shampoo on it earlier. Not to mention his bruised ego hurts like a bitch because all the broken bottles are coming out of his wages.

"Can you tell me where the breakfast cereal are?" 

Stiles jumps at the sudden voice. He looks over his shoulder and resists the urge to roll his eyes. The Guy still has his beard and Stiles wonders what the hell he even bought the razors for yesterday. “Aisle four,” he says in as few words as possible and then returns to refilling the Halloween candy. 

A few minutes later he glances at the exit and watches the man leave empty handed.


Ten days later Stiles’s foot is wrapped up because he broke a bone in it but the good news is he’s back behind his beloved counter and is allowed to make as much small talk as he wants.

The Guy is back, Stiles isn’t even surprised at this point. He has no idea what his deal is and why he’s so obsessed with buying junk he doesn’t even seem to use but he’s no longer surprised by it. 

"Three dollars, please," he holds his hand out and a five dollar bill is placed in it. 

"Can I have a bag?" The Guy asks looking at his bottle of bleach and box of Quick Oats. 

"Sure, that’s four dollars then." Stiles hands him back his dollar change and the receipt. 

"Hope your foot gets better," The Guy mutters, motioning with his eyebrows towards Stiles elevated limb. Stiles is so shocked that this weird guy has shocked him he doesn’t say a word in what probably feels like four years. "You know, this stores cheap but manners don’t cost a thing, you could say thank you." The Guy shrugs and…is that smirk?

He picks up his bag, leaving Stiles with his dollar.


"Okay seriously, what the hell, man?" Stiles has reached the end of his patience. "You’re clearly not poor judging by your clothes, your stupid designer haircut and your shiny douchey car, which by the way I know you took to the garage I told you about because last week they gave me a discount for recommending them to a friend. You buy ridiculous combinations of cheap ass junk you don’t even use and you’re in here like every week to buy more. What the hell?

The Guy steps his weight from one foot to the other and rubs the back of his neck, ”Go out on a date with me.” His tone isn’t particularly endearing, Stiles kind of feels like he’s being ordered rather than asked and also…WHAT. THE. HELL?

"You…me…?" Stiles points to his chest and looks behind him to see if he’s mistaken. 


"You wanna go out on a date with me?" he repeats just to clarify.


"You bought all this crap to ask me out on a date?" 


"O-okay, cool." Stiles pauses for a moment, "You know you could have saved your cash and just asked me weeks ago right?"

The Guy shrugs. “My credit rating hasn’t taken too much of a dent, don’t worry.” 

"Financial sarcasm, so you are rich," Stiles concludes. "You owe me a five star restaurant."


Stiles starts nodding and then he can’t stop. The Guy puts his hand on Stiles’s chin to still him and he’s so gentle Stiles might just fall off his chair. “Wait, I don’t even know your name.” 

"Derek." Derek takes his hand away. "I’ll pick you in the parking lot at seven." 

Stils isn’t even going to ask how he knows what time his shift is over. “Don’t you wanna know my name?” he shouts over the store as Derek walks towards the exit. 

"It’s on your badge," Derek smiles and turns on his heels.

Stiles is so done for. 

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Did someone say 1970’s pornstar!Derek AU??

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There is no such thing as a bad dog. Only bad people.

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Teen Wolf + bitter fan text box meme 

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Tyler’s reaction while JR is imitating him (video will be posted when I get home on Friday) - Wolf Moon Con

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Last summer we got back from filming and I was kind of like stoked to get home and stoked to jam with my band.

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Sterek - Transformers!AU

In which Derek owns a sentient alien car. Bumblebee can’t shut up about how much Derek is head over heels with Stiles. And Stiles thinks Derek is crazy.

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Teen Wolf Au

Stiles confronts Derek after the events at La Iglesia

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my heart has started to separate


Sterek: everyone is a werewolf, highschool AU; Stiles knows he and Derek are mates but Derek doesn’t want a male bond, for anon [AO3]

"Can you not just tell him? You’ve been friends for years, he must’ve felt it too!" Scott insisted, and Stiles immediately looked around for Derek, like he had been doing every two minutes for the entirety of their conversation.

Stiles stabbed his sandwich with Scott’s spare fork. “Yeah, I’m his friend, so I know he has no interest in a guy as a mate. Like, none at all.”

"He was so cool with Danny and Ethan though!" Stiles shrugged, tearing at his bread.

He finally pushed the tray away. “He’s not homophobic, he’s just painfully straight. If I tell him, I won’t even get to stay friends, and that at least is some relief.”

"You can’t hide this from him, he deserves to know too. And you need to tell him so you guys can figure it out," Scott said, voice low, and Stiles sighed. "Do you, y’know, like him? Or is it just the bond?"

Stiles stiffened as he inhaled, eyes flicking to the doorway and then back to Scott in wordless communication. Scott huffed a sigh, grumbling low enough that Stiles’ omega ears couldn’t hear, but apparently Derek picked up on something as he approached.

"Alright?" he asked, looking between the pair in confusion.

Stiles nodded, forcing a smile over the mixture of happiness and uneasiness rolling in his stomach at the proximity to his unmated soulbond. “Yeah, just talking about Biology last period, it was pretty interesting.” It had been what had sparked Scott’s lecture, actually, and Stiles was already regretting telling him about the Derek fiasco in the first place.

"Yeah, about what can happen if a mating bond isn’t filled - it sounded pretty horrific," Scott added, voice snappish, and Stiles turned to flash his - admittedly not scary - eyes at him.

Derek’s chewing slowed. “I’ve heard it can be rough, yeah,” he said after swallowing.

Scott snorted. “Some people die. I heard Allison come in, I’m gonna go hang out with her for the rest of lunch.” He glared at Stiles before taking his tray and stomping away, and Stiles only just resisted the urge to smack his head against the table.

"I thought Scott and I were good?" Derek asked, and Stiles shrugged.

"He’s easily affected by emotion, last lesson must have set him off." It wasn’t a good excuse, and Stiles could hear the blip of a lie in his heartbeat, which meant Derek definitely could.

Apparently, the alpha decided to let it slide. “Does he think he’s bonded to someone?” he asked, paying more attention to his food than Stiles, which gave the omega a chance to slide a little further away, hoping to minimise the buzzing in his fingers.

"Nah, he’s still bouncing between claiming he doesn’t care, and trying to feel one with Allison," Stiles replied.

The bell rang shortly after he answered, and Stiles picked up his mostly full tray. “Not hungry?” Derek asked, nodding towards the torn up sandwich and untouched Reese’s Pieces.

"Guess Biology had a bit of an impact. Omega," Stiles replied, gesturing to himself as an explanation. "You want anything?"

Derek arched an eyebrow. “Sure. Not like you to give up peanut butter cups though.”

Stiles forced a smile, biting down on the response of ‘you’re my mate, of course I provide for you’. “Maybe I’m coming down with something,” he said instead, and it was enough of the truth that Derek accepted both the lie and the chocolate.

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Video source

i’m not being sarcastic at all when i say the camera work on this video is fucking stellar. it starts at his crotch and pans up.


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